Energy optimisation

Optimising the way energy is used can have a major impact on reducing energy bills. Our team of energy analysts work with building managers to reduce consumption at single and multi-building sites.

Our team will review energy across an entire estate, looking at everything from lighting to boilers, right down to asset component level.

Often energy saving initiatives can be simple but make a great impact on cost savings. With one client we have saved them more than £5 million in one year through energy optimisation alone.

We can advise on capital expenditure works that deliver efficiencies, like insulating roofs and installing light dimming sensors, and we can project the payback period you will get.

Our analysts will work with existing building management systems to control buildings assets so that they are only on when they need to be. We can even assist with the design and installation of a new system, tailored to the specific needs of the building.

What we'll do for you

  • Review your complete energy usage across your estate
  • Advise on low cost quick win measures to reduce energy use and create cost savings
  • Advise on capital expenditure works such as roof insulation and project payback periods
  • Help with design and installation of a new system if required