Water contract

Our water procurement experts have a proven track record of working with businesses across all sectors to help them secure the best contract for their water. The team at Mitie Energy will identify the different options available to your business, tailor solutions to fit your needs and use our expertise to help you navigate the regulatory landscape.

For Scotland, water deregulation has decreased prices and market competition is driving a wider range of services and improvements.  Our experts are on top of these changes and can help drive the best deal for your business, reducing your costs and helping to give you a competitive edge.

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In England our team are helping very large users to switch suppliers to get the most competitive contract. We’re also on top of all the regulatory changes leading to the market opening up to competition from 1st April 2017. 

What we'll do for you:

  • Run a tender process to find the best price for your water with no hidden costs or commission
  • Advise you which water contract would be best for your business
  • Keep you up to date on the regulatory aspects of the deregulation of the water market in England
We can also offer other water related services such as invoice validation, historic cost recovery, metering and water reporting.