Managing energy risk

The wholesale energy market is a fast moving environment which can change rapidly with little or no prior warning.  Our team of FCA accredited risk managers track market developments in real time - focussing on spotting and understanding any threats that the energy market might pose to our customers. We work to develop risk management strategies which protect our customers from these fluctuations.

We work with our customers to develop risk strategies tailored to meet the needs of their individual business and their purchasing decisions meaning they can benefit from the best possible prices for gas, electricitydiesel and other oil products.

What we’ll do for you:

  • Help you develop energy risk management policies and procedures to meet the needs of your business
  • Give you access to experts who are continually tracking the market and can buy and sell energy at the best time
  • Hold regular review meetings with you to talk through market changes and help you make decisions related to energy costs
  • Give you access to reports on our online customer portal, providing a simple and accurate view of your energy costs and exposure
  • Provide market intelligence reports to keep you updated on changes in the energy market that might affect your future energy costs
  • Track performance and re-evaluate your risk profile continuously
  • Provide insight into how price changes affect your costs