Choosing your energy contract

Our team of energy experts work with a wide variety of businesses to help get the best market price for their gas and electricity. Our energy procurement experts will also guide you through the different options of how to buy energy:

  • Fixed price energy contracts for those who want price and budget certainty, protecting you from market increases
  • Flexible purchasing for those who want to take advantage of market dips and avoid costly price spikes
  • Basket plans for those who want to pool their buying power to access the wholesale market through a buying group
Because we monitor the whole energy market we can advise our customers on market timing and the trends in the energy industry. You can rely on us to give you clear, straightforward advice on how to implement the best procurement strategy for your business.

What we'll do for you:

  • Run a tender process to find the best price for your energy with no hidden costs or commission
  • Advise you which energy contract would be best for your business
  • Use our expertise to track the market and tell you the best time to buy your energy
  • Explain all the taxes and levies to you