Tracking energy consumption

Making sense of the energy used in your business can unlock real insights into how you can reduce usage which could lead to significant cost savings across the organisation.

Using our web-based analytics and verification of energy (WAVE) platform, customers can access their latest consumption reports which enable them to see exactly when, where and how energy is being consumed and wasted across their business.

WAVE can work across buildings, meters, suppliers and fuels, providing a consolidated view of utility consumption at site or portfolio level through main metering, sub metering and Building Management Systems (BMS). Actual consumption can be tracked against budget with alerts for exceptional usage. Dynamic forecasting can take account of cost changes and even temperature.

The tool helps determine whether energy saving measures are delivering to plan or whether your budgets are at risk of being breached. Volume reporting also enables the performance of any onsite generation to be monitored alongside consumption to optimise plant usage.

Our trackers and dashboards are established to reflect the specific requirements of each business we work with. We also provide a monitoring and targeting service to help you monitor and forecast your energy use and target improvements to save you money.

  • Create bespoke volume tracking reports for your business
  • Liaise with meter data collectors and IT staff to ensure all the data is shared in a compatible way which is easy for you to interpret
  • Provide you with online access to reports
  • Create automated alerts to help you identify any erroneous or abnormal data reads quickly
  • Provide training to your team to enable them to use the tool and access data and reports
  • Our International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) accredited specialists will assess savings, documenting and quantifying savings achieved
  • Provide recommendations on energy reduction projects and technologies